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Welcome to Because We Care.  We are no longer Incorporated and we gave away our 501c3 to Trash Water International, but We Still Care.

Our plan is to continue to help others, even without taxable donations. We may from time to time use 3rd party companies to help us care for others.


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Next phase

Yesterday was my last day working at Coca-Cola, after 11 and a half years of service.  This was the longest I have ever worked at any one company, so you can only imagine I made a few friends in my co-workers during this time.  Multiple times yesterday I got emotional about this transition.  If I could just take them all with me to my new endeavor.

“What is your new endeavor?”, some may ask. Well, I am going to work for a company that is a forth of the distance I used to drive.  The company is ranked the #1 medium sized company in Georgia to work for, based on employee input.  This company is concerned with the wellbeing of each employee. The name … Automation Direct.  I am excited that I will be starting on Monday.

Keep me in your prayers as I start this “next phase” of my life.  Also please be praying for my previous team at Coke.  The team I was in was already slim based on the work load. Please pray for their success and a lightened load going forward.


Amazing Day

Today is an amazing day. I can usually tell it is going to be an amazing day pretty early.  Here is a list of how I can tell it is an amazing day.

  1. I can wake up
  2. My wife is in the bed next to me
  3. I can pass by each of my children’s rooms and pray for them
  4. I have a job to go to
  5. I get to work hard all day
  6. I am allowed to go home to my loving family
  7. I drive in lots of traffic
  8. Work has the right to call me after hours

Do you understand where I am going with this?  Every day is a blessing. All things in your life hold a piece of blessings.  We just need to see things in a different light from time to time.  Remembering that each day is a gift from God.

Just a thought I had… How was your day?

How am I serving?

As I return to my day to day schedule, this question keeps popping up.  How am I serving?

I keep getting the sense that I am not plugged in enough to so many areas.  I want to do this and do that …  There are so many great causes to plug into and my family could use more of my time, my garden could use a little TLC, blog posts are falling behind. Not to mention the Olympics are on every night.

So what to do?

Well for now I will enjoy the Olympics and post entries as I can.  I have had a speaking engagement after running the torch, but mostly I have been catching up on work.

I will be working to manage my time differently after some of the work issues subside and the Olympic closing ceremony has completed.

Thank you to everyone who has been following/involved in this exciting time.

In this season … I am waiting for new opportunities to present themselves as things settle down … I am sure it will not take long and I will be back in the swing of serving.


KidPak Torch fun

Last night I had the great opportunity to speak to the students of KidPak at Free Chapel.  My sister, Ronica Searcy, is involve with this ministry and they have been speaking about the Olympics. Put 2 and 2 together and you get a Torch to talk about!

I enjoyed meeting all the people involved and sharing the Torch with them. I think the adults were even more excited than the students.  Below is the basic message I shared.

Being a torch bearer it was exciting to have people want to come and take a picture with me or recognize me for the work I had done.  In my heart of hearts though, I knew what the focus was really.  I knew why they really wanted to take the pictures.  It was because of the torch and what it represented.  It was not about me as an individual.  People were excited to hold the torch that had once carried the flame of the Olympics.
This is a great picture of us as Christians.  We are the Torches. We are but a vessel for the important part, the Flame.  We are the carriers of the Light of Christ.  The Holy Spirit lives in us.  The beauty of this flame is it does not go out when you pass it alone to others, It actually grows stronger.
I could have accepted the glory and puffed my chest out about my accomplishments, but it was important to God that I realized this was not about me.  If I had taken the glory, I would have built up pride in myself and I would have missed the blessings that God gave.  I am thankful to God that I was able to run the Olympic Torch, but I am forever in His debt for allowing me to carry His light to the World.

Irish Flowers

While I was in Ireland I took pictures of the flowers in some of the locations we visited. I thought a few others might like to see a few. Yes some are “weeds”, but I likes the colors.




Cliffs of Moher

While we were in Ireland, Shannon and I were abe to visit the Cliff of Moher.  It was a beautiful day and the cliffs were breathtaking.  Below you can see some of the great views from this natural wonder.

My favorite ones are the ones with my love in them.



Torch Bearer Photos

As promised I am posting some pictures.  You should be able to see them at the bottom of this post.

If you want an explanation of the photos leave a reply below the blog post.

Use your arrow keys to view the previous or next pictures

Home bound

We are in the Heathrow Airport awaiting departure time.  It has been an amazing trip and I have lots of pictures.  I could not get them all uploaded due to the limited WiFi and limit 3G allowances.  We will post them as soon as we can

We will be home in around 12 hours.

Great trip, ready for home.